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"I love being the person who completely destroys conventional wisdom."

Meet Kristina Kordero Peres!

With her unique blend of Ukrainian and Cuban heritage, she was born

in the enchanting Donetsk region. For Kristina, the journey toward self-discovery and empowerment begins with understanding one's cultural identity. Despite her love for traveling, Kristina's heart lies in Ukraine, where she wishes to spend her entire life with her loved ones.

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Our first guest is Alan, who at the

age of 29 was a doctoral candidate at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and is now the Press officer for the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Betty, Siona, and Miriam Endale are three sisters who founded the hip-hop group FO SHO in 2019. The girls describe their songs as "political" and use music to convey important social messages.

They say, "When we heard that 'music should stay out of politics,' it seemed strange and wild to us. It is important for us to address social issues in our songs.

Although we can also sing about love. Actually, we can sing about anything. The main thing is for it to be honest." We had a conversation with Betty and Siona about music, identity, freedom, and cultural ambassadorship.

28 September, 2023
In conversation with Virlana Tkacz

Virlana Tkacz is a theater director of Ukrainian heritage who translates, creates and presents Ukrainian narratives on the New York stage. She is the director of the following plays at La MaMa Theater: «Light from the East» (about the actors of Les Kurbas), «Yara's Forest Song» (based on Lesia Ukrainka's «Forest Song»), «Swan» (inspired by the poetry of Oleh Lysheha), «Dark Night, Bright Stars» (about the encounter between Taras Shevchenko and African-American tragedian Ira Aldridge) et cetera. 

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Jennifer Adanna Anorue is Ukrainian artist, drawing teacher and model. She is 24 years old and is currently studying Art History and Theory. Jennifer believes that art can be used to raise awareness of and help resolve major concerns in our world.

Despite being born in New York, Tetyana proudly identifies herself as a daughter of Ukraine.

Her grandfather Hieronimus, her grandmother, Yulia, and her parents all experienced the traumatic events of World War II and made the brave decision to leave their homeland behind, becoming immigrants.

Tatiana's story shows how important it is to acknowledge and respect the descendants of the diaspora, preserve their culture and bring all Ukrainians together.


Iryna is a Ukrainian of Tanzanian descent from Kherson, a model, a lawyer who is passionate about creativity, and an introvert who is constantly in the spotlight. 

However, this is not a complete image, but only the details of the portrait. 

«I can't stand the question 'who are you?'» — Iryna laughs. So she told us about self-acceptance, admiration of other people and trusting one's own decisions.

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