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"I love being the person who completely destroys conventional wisdom."

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Meet Kristina Kordero Peres!

With her unique blend of Ukrainian and Cuban heritage,

she was born in the enchanting Donetsk region.

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Jennifer Adanna Anorue is Ukrainian artist, drawing teacher and model. She is 24 years old and is currently studying Art History and Theory. Jennifer believes that art can be used to raise awareness of and help resolve major concerns in our world.


Iryna is a Ukrainian of Tanzanian descent from Kherson, a model, a lawyer who is passionate about creativity, and an introvert who is constantly in the spotlight. 

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Despite being born in New York, Tetyana Denford proudly identifies herself as a daughter of Ukraine!


Diana and Dinara are sisters. They are Ukrainians of Rutuls descent. Temperamental and open-minded, freedom-loving and ambitious: they shared their journey of self-discovery, internal conflicts, coming of age, and sisterhood.

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